I am 28 years old and come from Jianyang County in China, where I was locally born and bred. Since my childhood, I have been studying the way of Jianzhan with my master who has been 78 years old. As a local famous pottery-making master, he has spent most of his life making Jianzhan. The Jianzhan enjoys a reputation as the “black pearl” within the entire pottery-making industry. And as a Jianzhan craftsman, I hope that the Tenmoku Jianzhan can be introduced into everyone’s life so that everybody can have a chance to drink tea with this unique Jianzhan Tenmoku tea cup. Therefore, I created the brand called “Tenmokuz” with the purpose of exhibiting this kind of special art to the whole world.

Handmade Tenmoku Jianzhan

I have always been asked about the definition of Jianzhan (a kind of teabowl or teacup). It refers to the black glazed porcelain produced in the Song Dynasty in the area of Jianzhou (Jian’ou City), Fujian Province, in the area of Houjing Village in Shuiji Town and Chizhong Village (now under the jurisdiction of Jiangyang District, Nanping City). Since it was produced in Jianzhou, it got a name of “Jianzhan”. Then, what is the Tenmoku Teacup. It is a kind of bowl-shaped teacup while its wide rim can perfectly cool the hot tea down. With the glaze that is abundant with iron element and the glazing process under the high temperature, a uniquely beautiful pattern as well as the black glaze porcelain were made. Later, during the Kamakura times, a Japanese monk who was practicing himself in Tenmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province brought it back to his motherland, triggering the local amazement and increasing prosperity. After that, it was named as “Tenmoku” Teacup by the Japanese tea industry.

Although the glaze has always been designed with dark colors, the Tenmoku Jianzhan teacup can be in multiple colors, with the most traditional colors being brown and dark blue. But the modern sets are always been designed in shades of green, red, orange and even yellow. According to true tea lovers, the mysterious black glaze of it excellently highlights the light color of the tea and demonstrates it in the best way.

We believe that during your busy work, to relax yourself both physically and mentally, the tea is the best solution to any problem that you may encounter within a single day. Moreover, there does not exist a better tool for you to drink tea than the Tenmoku Jianzhan Teacup. To introduce it into the mainstream as well as provide experience and the opportunity of enjoying this irreplaceable teacup to drink tea to more people is our duty.

At the same time, we are proud of ourselves since we are enabled to ship our Tenmoku Jianzhan Teacup all over the world. As one of the craftsmen, we are proud to share our passion for Jianjian and to pass this sort of passion on to everyone.

For the brand of “Tenmokuz”, all of our products are handmade by our local pottery masters. And the firing techniques of Jianzhan are complicated. Generally speaking, 13 processes will be included (the selection of porcelain deposit, deposit crushing, panning, ingredients matching, aging, pugging, kneading, jiggering, biscuit repair, plain firing, glazing, kiln loading, roasting, etc.) Finally, a unique Teacup can be created whose glaze is not the artificially drawn glaze but the natural variegated pattern. Then, the teacups will be sent into the kiln and fired. When the firing process is over, every one of them will be an irreplaceable artwork with diversified colors and shapes. Thus, there is a saying called “A kiln is a unique world, and a teacup is a unique artwork.

For the brand of “Tenmokuz”, we are dedicated to offer the best service and experiences to our beloved customers.

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